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A family trip to New York. L>R: Matthew,Deanna,Spencer,David

I am a creative director and business consultant and have worked mainly with brick and mortar businesses for most of my life until a few years ago. I launched my career fresh out of university when I was offered a freelance graphic design contract with the local newspaper upon taking some ads in that I had done for a family business called Heritage Valley Resort. After that I started my own communication design firm, which I ran for over 15 years and now am continuing with it today – had a break in between to help rescue the family business (read below). My design firm helped many professionals and entrepreneurs achieve success, we won several national and international marketing awards and we were highlighted in a centre page spread in Equity Magazine as one the top 6 design firms in Vancouver.

Then the family business I mentioned above landed in my lap. It was in dire need of rescuing. It had been leased out and the lessees had allowed it to run down. My husband and I were there for close to a decade. Over that time we tripled the reveHeritage Valley 2-c logosmnues, tripled the real estate value and were in a positive cash flow position. Life was good. Toward the last 2 years, through an E-myth management style, we could finally leave for long holidays and the resort ran well without us. The mark of true business success!

Without warning tragedy hit! A devastating landslide (literally!) wiped out our business in 2005. We hung on as long as we could and rebuilt as much possible. We mortgaged our own house to do it as quickly as possible. We worked so very hard to try and save it, but to make a long story short, we lost everything including our own beautiful house on acreage and had to start over. (There is a more complicated and compounding story behind this that is far too much to go into detail here and far too depressing to dredge it all back up.) It was the most heart wrenching time of my life and hardest thing I have ever had to endure. My parents had logged the land and built all the buildings and I had grown up with it –  growing as it was growing. It was a magical place for 40 years. And now it was gone.

But life goes on. Falling down is part of LIFE…I learned that getting back up is LIVING. I noSetOfTheSailJimRohnw look back on this period of time as a positive thing. It was all part of the journey and I would never be where I am today without that experience.

The tragedy led me to venture online in 2010. This has been a very interesting experience in itself – I could write a book on it! I made some money and lost money. The internet is a wide open ocean that can change at any moment. Many people get swallowed up and drown. There are countless scam artists, but there are also many wonderful guides, mentors and true friendships that can be found.

Today I am enjoying a more fulfilling life than ever before. I absolutely love what I do. I combine my offline and online experience and help other business owners and entrepreneurs with building, marketing and branding their business.

From MLM to local brick and mortar business to your favourite charity or following your passion; from marketing a service to marketing a product, I will work with you to develop a plan that will support your unique ambition or goal.

Learning how to market in a free enterprise system is a great gift you can give yourself. Once you figure it out, you can do many things, explore many avenues and live a fulfilling and rich life.

If you are interested in bypassing the costly mistakes most people make when they start looking online, or you feel like you are lost at sea, let’s chat. I love meeting new people and helping others.  Call me or comment below if you would like to schedule some time to talk about helping you start or grow your business. I would be happy to set up a free 20 minute skype consultation.

(Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada)
Click on this link to check out some samples of my design work: Deanna’s Portfolio

Thanks for coming here to read my posts! I love to hear from my readers. If you like what you read, please share it with others or leave me a comment below.

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