Good Design Means Good Business


Direct Mail Piece, Programme, Signage and Promotional Materials designed for a live Direct Marketing Event for client FMS Creative.

We create strong visual brands and carry it across multiple platforms that help sell your idea, service or product. Design can make or break your business. Whether or not we consciously realize it, design has a direct influence on our choices. When a company has to compete with big brands, they can tend to get overshadowed by their more successful competitors. Good design is no longer an option if a business wants to be noticed.

Good design will save you money in the long run. If a proper foundation is built, your corporate branding will be easily translate into signage and all your visual communication materials. If you do not make good design a priority for your business, you will eventually pay the price. Design is not to be pushed aside.

Good design impacts search results. In regards to an online presence, bypassing design can have drastic effects on who finds your business. Good design can elevate your position in the search results and add potential leads.

Good design shows respect for your clients and customers. Business services should be simple to understand and easy to navigate and use. The number one goal is to make it easy for your customer, and design makes this goal attainable.

Smart design is not just for big brands, it is an indispensable step
for small business that want to compete in the world market and
grab the attention of consumers.

We offer a hybrid of communication design – combining traditional ‘tried and true’ offline business experience with the latest in online marketing and technology. We are here to assist you with your communications – as a creative director, art director, marketing director or graphic designer and I will help you bring your vision for success to life!

Graphic and Collateral Design Services

  • Corporate Branding, Logo and Identity Packages
  • Business Cards, Letterhead and all associated print materials
  • Promotional Items such as Corporate Clothing & Gifts, Bags, Pens, Calendars, etc
  • Sports Team Logos and Tournament Gear: Clothing, Tshirts, Ballcaps, etc
  • Brochures, Flyers, Advertisements, Direct Mail
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Design including Banner Ads, Facebook Timeline Covers,
    Fan Pages, Google+ Headers, Twitter Covers, etc.
  • E-book Design, Layout & Formatting
  • Packaging including traditional as well as online
  • Trade Show and Exhibit Display
  • Event Management and  Materials
  • Power Point Presentations and Video Design
  • Signage Design & Vehicle Graphics

We have managed several projects for our clients including the editorial content to the advertising and coordination of photography sessions, illustration, copywriting through to oversight of the final printing or execution of the product or event.

  • Large Corporate Brochures, Presentations and Annual Reports
  • Magazines Design and Publication
  • Trade Show Exhibitions & Event Management
  • Real Estate Development Marketing Programs
  • Manufacturing & Product Packaging, Labels, etc

It is exciting to help people reach success in their business with the aid of good design. There is no better experience for us than to see :

  • a realtor’s listings double in numbers,
  • a manufacturer’s product sales increase,
  • a resort triple it’s revenues
  • a live event sell out –

This is what our client’s have experienced and it can be your success story too!

I would love to help you get results like this in your business. Whether it is a personal blog or a traditional business, contact me and I will be happy to offer you a free 30 minute consultation either in person or via Skype and/or a Google+ Hangout.

Deanna Evertt
Creative Director
EverBetter Marketing
Phone +1-604-309-7808

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