edeanna05 copyYour Custom Brand Assessment. Helping You Soar Above the Rest!

Your brand is the nucleus of your sales and marketing activities. Therefore it is important that you get it right. EverBetter Marketing will do a review of your current branding. We will look at the various media platforms and marketing applications you are using and give you feedback in report form and through one-on-one consultation with branding professional Deanna Evertt. This will be completely customized to you and your business. No cookie cutter approach taken here.

Your Assessment includes:

Initial 30 min. consultation via skype or phone. Value $75.00 Brand Review. Value $250.00 A custom pdf assessment report on your brand including: Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Guidelines & Directions for managing your brand. Value $200.00 30 min summary consultation to answer any questions you may have and point you in the right direction to manage your brand. Value $75.00 Membership in our private mastermind facebook group where you can receive valuable free training, tips and information about the latest marketing trends.

Regular Price:   $600.009690073_ml

Special Limited Time Offer: $99.00

Note: The report is yours. It will be packed full of valuable information and comes with a money back guarantee. There will be information on how to improve and manage your branding, what tools to use to improve it and should you want to do a complete makeover or build a new logo and identity program, the $99 will be applied towards a comprehensive program.

Corporate Branding Assessment

Do you have a traditional brick and mortar type of business? A storefront, office or manufacturing plant open to the public? Your branding plan covers a wide range of media including: signage (interior and exterior), vehicle wraps, trade show exhibit, print collateral materials, website, social media and more. We will review your current use of these items and provide recommendations. Click on button below and get started today:

Personal Branding Assessment

Are you an entrepreneur with a small business? Is your business built around your personality as the central part of your business identity? This type of business is usually a provider of services on a personal basis ie; a business coach, a health & wellness coach, a real estate agent, a financial consultant, a business consultant, a designer, an artist, etc. You have a home based business or an office outside your home and market your brand via networking, print collateral, direct response, website and social media. Click on button below and get started today:

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